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Youth Culture During the Pandemic

Updated: Jan 8

An observation of how young people have been behaving and their attitudes towards the current pandemic during its early stages of it.

Youth Culture during this current pandemic.

I am a young adult who has always practiced social distancing. I become socially awkward around people from time to time and like most people, I am the most comfortable around people I know and am familiar with. I am also shy to an extent that sometimes it doesn't help with my social awkwardness, except if I see a female that I like. In some of those cases, I tend to turn into a completely different person that is bold enough to talk to them confidently (Laughs). Enough about me. Like many others, I have no choice but to be homebound because there is nowhere to go besides the fact that I am a homebody, so I don't mind staying in. Most theaters are currently shut down, every sociable place is mostly closed indefinitely except for establishments that are considered essential.

Most schools are closed with certain districts or states allowing a hybrid experience via remote learning which of course means being in school online or physical schooling with restrictions which if it was up to most school districts in the U.S. would probably close their doors indefinitely. For teenagers, I felt bad that some of them are spending months away from friends in the physical, and social setting, and are limited to either internet or cellular interaction with them. But for others, despite missing out on memories, I think that they, like many others, are not thinking about the seriousness of the situation.

Just like their adult counterparts, I have read articles, watched television programs, and watched videos on the internet hearing teenagers complain about the current restrictions when we have only been in the situation for about a year now. Like their adult counterparts (who don't make it any better), pleading and blaming "2020" for making their life horrible when at the time normalcy hasn't been a thing for a few months. Now for others, the school setting was a place to escape from problems that they may have had been dealing with at home or an environment that is supposed to be comfortable as well as safe and school was their only outlet that subsidized the security that wasn’t present in their lives. I have read many articles about the domestic violence rate skyrocketing with people in quarantined and I want to say that if you are or were one of those people, I am sorry that you had to endure that and hope that you find an alternative to get away from the person (or “people”) who is or has harmed you (and that is for anybody who is reading this article.)

Now for people my age (in the 20s bracket; pun intended), where can I begin. One of the gripes that I have had with people my age during this time is the fact that they are one of many "COVID deniers'' and "carriers" who act like "THE DISEASE ISN'T OUT THERE!!!!!" Some of them have mocked the situation and the seriousness of the virus by throwing a "COVID PARTY'' with games composed of "whoever catches covid first wins a prize" and I'm like "are yall for real?"

Because of their willful blindness to the situation, some of them became carriers that endangered the lives of not just themselves and the people in the party, but other people outside of it like their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. People always end up paying for their foolishness because they want to have a good time during a serious situation.

Just to expand on the party scenario, you have bars and clubs filled with people wearing no masks, no social distancing, and again acting like "COVID-19" is one big government conspiracy to try to suppress our freedom (which is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard during this time). These are the same young people who throw parties while their parents who are essential workers are trying to save as many lives as possible (there is an actual story about this situation where a young man threw a party while his mother who is a nurse was working to save lives which I will place the link here), the same people who are still living it up in these clubs and doing the same things they would normally do in clubs when the virus wasn’t out, and bars in the same predicament except the owners been fighting to keep them open regardless of the health risk.

That’s pretty much it without me repeating myself. My biggest disappointment with people my age is just irresponsibility. There are too many people out here, young and old who just live in “la-la land” with something as serious as this current pandemic. Throughout history, the youth have been the ones that live life with optimism and an invincibility complex that makes them susceptible to risk-taking and reckless behavior. As for the teenage youth, it’s just the complaining part that I found to be annoying just because some of them are extremely entitled to live life with the expectation for it to be going their way but what I learn as I get older is that “nothing completely goes your way” and if life always goes your way, then there is a problem. I feel bad once again for anybody who had to stay in the house with an abusive individual(s) and I hope your situation gets better the more restrictions are taken off your area or state or even country. I know it's hard to have to sacrifice a part of your life for things out of your control just to ensure you and others are safe and the world can go back to a state of normalcy, we as young individuals have to carefully experience our “youth culture during the pandemic”.

NOTE BY AUTHOR: This article was written months before its release thus the wording of this article reflects the global and societal situation at a time when the restrictions were tighter than currently.

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