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February - A Short Month with Lots of Observative Days

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

How in the world does a month like February has a lot of celebratory days?


A very short month in the Gregorian Calendar system that is a host of days and extensive month-long “focus” on customary traditions. The term “observation” basically means that a particular day is important or to practicing that tradition for an entire month (basically an old way of saying “Holiday” which we all call significant celebrated days).

The ones that we Westerners are familiar with are Holidays like Valentine's Day”, “Black History Month”, “Presidents Day” (also known as George Washington’s Birthday), Rosa Parks Day”, “Groundhog Day, and “Super Bowl Sunday Day” just to name a few. You have “Month-long observances” like “Black History Month”, you have “Non-Gregorian observances” like “Chinese New Year or other known observances from non-gregorian religious beliefs like Judaism or Islam. You have “Moveable Observances” that change each month for a variety of reasons like “Food Freedom Day”, “Safer Internet Day”, “Random Acts of Kindness Day”, and “National Day of the Sun”. These holidays are observed outside of the states.

Take “Food Freedom Day” for an example, a holiday created by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (or the CFA) as a way to promote the awareness of various agricultural producer organizations in Canada and sponsors the day when most Canadian families have earned enough income to pay for groceries for the entire year and based on the estimate of when the overall income is calculated is when it falls on which is either the 8th of February or the 9th of February (which the 9th is the day it has fallen this year in 2021). "Safer Internet Day is", a European Centric awareness day created by Insafe which itself is a variety of organizations in Europe that fund this day to promote safer usage of the internet which is a very noble effort. Safer Internet Day even has its dedicated website just for the particular day as well as a year-long awareness and resources. They use this day to raise awareness about reporting things like “cyberbullying, child pornography, and the usage of illegal content and services''. This year (in 2021) it took place on February 9th, 2021 with the assumption of mine that it takes place somewhere at the beginning of February. Again, this particular day is mostly observed in the European nations such as Austria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom along with many others outside of it participating as well. Then you have "Random Acts of Kindness Day" which is what the day is about “random acts of kindness”. Founded by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation in 1995 in the US to promote national kindness on this day with New Zealand R.A.K. The organization started celebrating on September 1 2004 ever since. In the U.S I assume it has been moved countless times and doesn’t have a fixed day but is mostly celebrated on the 17th of February.

Lastly, you have "National Day of the Sun" which is a day celebrated in the Spanish-speaking country of Argentina. It celebrates nature as a whole in the country and is celebrated in various locations in the country like the City of San Juan and other locations in the San Juan province of Argentina. They usually celebrate the day with an exhibit of the history and customs of the country, fairs, a beauty contest, parades and floats, and so on to promote the provinces of the country. This day normally extends over 5 days and doesn’t have a designated day for its celebration but is always celebrated somewhere in February. So now you know there are such things as “moveable holidays” and see why they are referred to as “Moveable Observances”. Super Bowl Sunday and others fall under this category as well. Then you have “Fixed Observances” which are holidays that are celebrated on a designated day like “Groundhog Day" which is celebrated on February 2, “Rosa Parks Day" which is celebrated on the 4th of February, and many other holidays that will make this article even longer than it has to be.

So for a short month like February, you have all these holidays that are either “Month Long Observances, Non-Gregorian Calendar Observances, Moveable/Non-Fixed Observances, and Fixed Observances.” These days or customary celebrations have been used as a remembrance of certain events in history or a reminder to ourselves how much we care for one another. These days or customary celebrations are used to bring each other together and celebrate the things that are most important to the people we care about. These days are also used to bring about change and global unity with our fellow man in an attempt to make a better and safer world. Overall, the most interesting thing while doing some research for this article is knowing that February is a very short month that houses all of these nationally and internationally observances.

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