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Easy Money: How I Made $100+ Tax-Free Money

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

This is how I made $100+ tax-free money over the course of months.

How I made $100+ tax-free money.

It's simple, I just use "play for pay gaming apps", "survey apps", etc. These routes for earning some extra cash in your pocket or pocketbook are a legit way to get money which in turn is "NON-TAXABLE".

I have been using these apps since October 2021 which has been extremely helpful to put some extra money in my pocket while also using the extra money to get CREST BY TRIGGANATION up and running at the same time as a young entrepreneur. As a young person in general, this can help you out tremendously just for paying bills like "streaming services, food delivery services, cellphone, internet, and even groceries".

Need proof? Let me show you how much I have earned using these apps since October 2021, as well as the things I was able to obtain and buy using my earned money from these apps:

  • 2 Dunkin Donuts $25 Gift Cards

I was also able to treat my family to breakfast twice with the Dunkin Donuts gift cards I obtained from one of the apps.

  • 1 $5 Burger King Gift

  • An additional $25 Fast Food Gift Card

  • Ear Buds

  • Fitbit Watch

  • $18+ From 1 App

  • $23+ From Another App (w/ 50¢ extra cents from this app)

  • An additional $15+ just with one game while using this app

  • Points from snapping receipts to eventually converting them into money from the apps.

With the money I saved from these apps, I was able to buy a cooling pad for my laptop so it can continue to run right for my business.

To show some extreme earrings from these apps, here is a subreddit to see how much multiple people make not just per month but per year.

So if you want more LifeStyles/SideHustles tips to subsidize your income in order to have some extra money in your pocket, subscribe to CBT.

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