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Top "9" Manga Series I Am Currently Reading - Part 1

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

This list composes of 9 ongoing series I am currently reading that have not ended their serialization yet.

In this sort of recommendation list, I wanted to share some titles that are currently releasing new chapters and I have either started reading and reading up to its current released chapter or have been keeping up with its chapter's release schedule. For this list, I will not include the mangas that I have to catch up on (and will make a dedicated list to those series later) and I will not include series that I have read after their run finished, or series I haven't finished until the end of its run, nor the series that I have to finish reading that has ended its run. So to no further adieu, here are the “Top 9 Ongoing Manga Series I Am Currently Reading”.

(NOTE: Some of these series are not suitable for all readers and would advise potential readers to be careful with any material that they may read - whether it’s manga, comics, novels, etc. As a reader myself, some of the content that I have read is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart, and I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that any reader can enjoy these series in their entirety knowing what the content is about before reading it.)


Berserk: Either August 25 or October 1989

A legacy manga series by Kentaro Miura. This medieval dark fantasy story of revenge is about a warrior named "Guts" who is on a quest to defeat a group of monsters known as the Apostles who are led by their leader Griffith who is Guts’ former friend and commander of his old band of warriors known as the “Band of the Hawks”. This series is dope and would recommend watching the “Golden Age” Film series to understand how Guts became the warrior he is in the present if you want to skip all the Golden Age Arc in the manga (mostly read the manga for the film series omits a lot of stuff in that arc). If you are into a Tolkien-inspired world of high fantasy, museum-quality gory and monstrous illustrations, and the main character who slays demons like he was the grim reaper himself, this story is for you.

One Piece: July 22, 1997

The best-selling comic book series in history alongside “Batman”, “Superman'', and even “Spider-Man”. A series with no real introduction by manga author Eiichiro Oda. This story is about Monkey D. Luffy, a young rookie pirate who sets out to sea to accomplish his dream of finding the “One Piece” to be the “King of the Pirates” along with his crew the “Straw Hat Pirates” on a wild, fun, and epic adventure. I have not read all of One Piece and my knowledge of the series comes from its anime adaptation, YouTube videos from YouTubers such as “Mr. Morj”, “Joyboy Theories”, “RogerBase” and basic research of the series since it has recently hit its 1000 chapter and is on its way to hit its 100 Manga volume as well. If you love great lore, world-building, wacky adventures, and character designs with pretty cool fights, I would recommend this series to anybody. Just don’t get scared of its length because I started reading around the time of its Marineford Arc and despite its lackluster first English Dub by 4Kids, as a kid, I still liked the series regardless.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation: May 9, 2016

The spinoff series from the highly acclaimed shonen manga series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. The story is focused on the son of Naruto, Boruto who wants to step out from the shadow of his father as he takes on different missions and grows with his Teammates Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki as the new Team 7 which is led by Konohamaru Sarutobi. The story opens up in a surprising way that makes the reader question "What events led up to this point?" and "Is Naruto or Sasuke Dead''? as the series led to a dark future for the main protagonist. Despite some mixed receptions about its anime counterpart, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is a series somewhat more interesting than its predecessor, and I recommend this series as a gateway manga.

Jagaaaaaan: February 6, 2017

One of my literal favorite series to be released last decade. A written story by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Kensuke Nishida about a young cop named Shintaro Jagasaki who is tired of his mundane life, gain the ability to create a gun from his hand after a mysterious frog enters him which manifests his abilities through his desire to shoot people as a "Fractured Human". If you love cool transformations and abilities based on desires, and a very interesting story, this series is for you.

A Trail of Blood: February 24, 2017

Chi no Wadachi also known as its English Transliteration name “Blood on the Tracks” (which is also its official English title) is a story by Shuzo Oshimi of “Drifting Net Cafe”, “The Flowers of Evil”, and “Happiness” fame (Happiness is a title I highly recommend reading). A Trail of Blood is about a teenage boy named Seiichi Osabe who lives a normal life with his mother and his father has a very close relationship with his mother. Seiichi questions his relationship with his mother after a horrific act during a family outing and wonders if her doting nature was normal all his life or has a sinister undertone beneath the surface as he tries to please his “loving mother”. If you are into drama, suspense, and psychological thrillers with a hint of a slice of life mixed in (along with some uncomfortable scenes between mother and son; not too bad, just uncomfortable), this series is for you.

Juujika No Rounin: Either March 9 or August 2020

“Is It Okay to Kill People?” the transliteration of this title was created by Shiryuu Natakate who is a new talent at Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (I wasn’t able to confirm this yet even from the website that it is supposed to be on). This story of revenge is truly disturbing and is one reason why I wanted to make a disclaimer before composing this specific article. Shun Uruma is a teenage boy who wants revenge on 5 sadistic and psychopathic bullies who are responsible for his torturous existence. He is then trained by his grandfather, who took him in and taught him military-style combat along with other deadly techniques to kill the bullies. This is a pretty interesting story, one that I enjoy reading. But this is not for the faint of heart, but if you stomach some situations and imagery, then I would recommend reading this.

Kaiju No. 8: July 3, 2020

Another very impressive series. Created by Nayao Matsumoto, this story is centered in Japan where giant monsters called “Kaiju” rampage and are stopped by Japan’s Japanese Defense Corp which the main protagonist Kafka Hibino aspired to join after making a promise to his childhood friend who became the commander of the Defense Force’s Third Unit. Though he became part of the cleanup crew that cleans up the corpse of the Kaiju, he would eventually gain the ability to become a humanoid-sized Kaiju with the hopes to eventually stand side by side with his childhood friend as promised to defeat the Kaiju, which they both hold a grudge against. This is a cool story and with currently 39+ chapters as I am writing this (along with Juujika No Rounin) you should be able to catch up and enjoy it in no time.

Burn The Witch: August 24, 2020

Tite Kubo’s comeback series after the rushed finale of his previous work "BLEACH" by the Shonen publication "Weekly Shonen Jump'' which Naruto once dominated in and its predecessor series before being moved because of its monthly release schedule. Burn The Witch, which started as a "one-shot" before it was turned into a 5 chapter seasonal series, is a story about Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole two young witches who are part of the organization whose job is to defeat Dragons, to protect the citizens and maintain the natural order of both "London'' and "Reverse London'' from them as well. If you are a fan of Tite Kubo's signature cool art style and love a short story with a second seasonal order in the making, then you will enjoy this series.

Sakamoto Days: November 21, 2020

An action-comedy series created by Yuuto Suzuki that also currently running in Weekly Shonen Jump along with One Piece, the story is about Taro Sakamoto a once feared and notorious assassin of an assassin organization who fell in love and retired from his assassin job to a simple life as a husband, father, and convenience store owner. Because of his deflection from the organization he was once a part of, many dangers still await Sakamoto and his family. This series is by far a very entertaining story in the sense of action and comedy and if you want cool ridiculous action and some laughs, I recommend reading this series (also the series just got started so you will catch up in no time!!!!!)

Bonus: Dog N!@@a

I have to talk about this series that came on my radar last year while looking at a YouTube video about manga, and this series is just fun and has a ridiculous and crazy premise. Another revenge story except this is about a half-man, half-dog hybrid named Rex who is on a revenge mission to (and I kid you not)..... R@PE HIS FATHER who was drunk one day and r@ped his mother (who is an actual dog) and conceived him. This story is like One Punch-Man in the vein that it deconstructs specific tropes and has a lot of gag elements in it, like One Punch-Man. Created by Dh Animation, this series was originally on Webtoons before they took it off because of “some of its story content”. The series he originally made is on his website DH ANIMATIONS - Home ( (or just type in Dh Animation or Dog N*@@a in any browser you are using) and I found it entertaining. He has collaborated with an illustrator who goes by the name “Serbianhero” to remake his original comic with a more stylized design to the characters, expand upon certain story points and character's background story, and cooler flashier action sequences not present in the original material or revamped and expanded upon from the original material. I love indie creators, I would highly recommend this series for a funny, raunchy, and action-pack revenge series I hope transcends from the pages of its story.

NOTE: In regards to Dog N!@@a I love both versions, but I truly love the original version more because it is more comedic, but then again the remake is funny too but has more drama added to it. Either version you read is the same story, except one is more stylized and fleshed out than the other. Please read the original first before you read the remake.

NOTE BY AUTHOR: These are just a handful of series that I have been able to keep up with and wanted to share with you the reader. I will do an update to this list once I catch up with the other series I have fallen off reading (after making a dedicated list for those series) and the other series I am trying to get into or finish reading. Also, if there is any indie series you want us to check out, please send them to this link here. I would love to do a list or make an article about indie comics or creators in general. I hope you enjoy this read and stay up to date from when the other articles are released.

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