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Jasiah’s “Jasiah I Am” Review

Updated: May 6

A review of the debut project by rapper "Jasiah".

I like this project.

This is how I found out about the rapper Jasiah. I was looking at various TikTok Compilations videos on YouTube and came across the "Crisis Challenge" which was one of his new singles at the time. Sometime later, I was on Twitter and saw the young actress "Sofia Wylie'' doing the challenge as well and I knew I had to find out who this artist is because the song went hard and that is how I found out about Jasiah.

The 12 Track project has a running time of 25 minutes and 23 seconds for his debut project.

Songs like "Voices", "Case 19 (Feat. 6ix9ine)” - Second Single, "Shenanigans” - Lead Single, "Destructo Disc” - Third Single, "When I'm Gone” - Fourth Single, "Heartbreak", "FDD", "Baked Fried Beans", and "Neon Rainbows" are amongst my favorite tracks with songs like "FDD" and "Neon Rainbows" should've been released as singles.

The songs like "I'm Depressed", and "You Can't Take Me" I thought were okay but weren’t feeling these songs at all.

Tracks like "Voices", "Shenanigans", "When I'm Gone", "Baked Fried Beans", and "Neon Rainbows" were impressive to me because these tracks showed the artists' versatility that I feel is more important in today's music market because of the saturation of particular musical styles and sounds that will end up leaving an artist stuck drowning in the sea of similar sounds and style if they don't stand out.

Looking at Jasiah’s "Fire In The Booth" interview with Charlie Sloth, I was amazed that the opera vocal on the opening tracks was his own and that he is classically trained as well as very knowledgeable about chord progressions and gone to college to study music. Shenanigan has a particular sample of an older piece of music that he has done a few times with his recent releases that set up his signature sound and his unique style.

One problem with the project I have is with the lyrical content which is generic as well as stereotypical for the SoundCloud Rap and mainstream rap genres. Despite praising the diversity of sounds from the project and in some aspects differentiating himself from his peers, I feel he is too heavily influenced or inspired by the late XXXTentacion, which makes him seem like an “XXXTentacion clone” rather than an individual artist.

NOTE BY AUTHOR: I hope you find this review useful for your music listening experience. If you like what you heard, "support it", "the artist", and "whatever they do next" if not, move on to the next one. This was a "Quick and Painless Review" from CREST BY TRIGGNATION.


6.5/10 = C

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